Apr 1, 2013 / 2 notes

Couple of things on my mind.

Looking at reviews and fan’s comments on Transit’s new album ‘Young New England’ has a lot of mixed reviews. I hope it is good in my ears when I listen to it. Still waiting on my pre-order to be delivered. It’s coming out officially tomorrow (4/2)! 

Incredibly excited for Turnover’s full length to come out. I keep listening to ‘Most of the Time’ over and over again. Hasn’t gotten old. 

Some Stranger’s S/T EP that is streaming online on POZ is really good: http://propertyofzack.com/post/46896823015/poz-stream-some-stranger-ex-daytrader-s-t-ep

The compilation for POZ’s fundraiser is bangin’. 75 songs for $5. Worth it and a lot of good bands you’ve never heard of which you should check out: http://propertyofzack.com/post/46874407328/poz-presents-big-footprints-the-big-comp-75-bands

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